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Week of August 24, 2009

New invasive species found in Oneida Lake, NY

Posted by David Figura/The Post-Standard

shrimpResearchers at Cornell University Biological Field Station at Shackelton Point Friday announced the presence of a new, invasive species in Oneida Lake.

They said more than a dozen Hemimysis anomala, a small mysid shrimp, also known as "bloody red shrimp," were identified by workers Thursday in the stomach of a white perch. On average these shrimp, which were first discovered in the Great Lakes in 2006, are about the size of a fingernail.

It is not known what impact, if any, they will have on Oneida Lake's fishery or food chain. There's currently an ongoing study of their presence in the Great Lakes, but no conclusions have been drawn yet, said Lars Rustam, director of the field station in Bridgeport.

"To my knowledge, this the first time this species has been identified in an inland lake in this country outside of the Great Lakes," he said. For more, see Saturday's Post-Standard.

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Photo courtesy of Cornell University Biological Field Station.


The Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel needs photos by September 30

The NEANS panel is requesting your help. We need high quality digital photos (photographs should be at least 1200 × 1200 pixels in size) for the NEANS On-line Guide. Please read the original e-mail below for a full explanation. We’re looking for high quality photos of the following species:


1. Botrylloides violaceus (sheath tunicate)

2. Botryllus schlosseri (star tunicate)

3. Styela clava (club tunicate)

4. Didemnum vexillum

5. Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian shore crab)

6. Carcinus maenas (green crab)

7. Grateloupia turuturu (red algae)

8. Eriocheir sinensis (mitten crab)

9. Lionfish

10. Diadumene lineata (orange-striped anemone)


1. Myriophyllum spicatum (Eurasian watermilfoil)

2. Myriophyllum heterophyllum (variable-leaf watermilfoil)

3. Dreissena polymorpha and D. rosteriformis bugensis (zebra and quagga mussel)

4. Hydrilla verticillata (hydrilla)

5. Trapa natans (water chestnut)

6. Orconectes rusticus (rusty crayfish)

7. Bythotrephes longimanus and Cercopagis pengoi (spiny and fishhook water flea)

8. Channa argus (northern snakehead)

9. Neogobius melanostomus (round goby)

10. Egeria densa (Brazilian elodea)

Please don’t e-mail the photos; instead upload them to the NEANS FTP website: FTP://onlineguide:pictures[at]

The deadline is September 30.

Thank you all for your assistance.


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