Tuesday, November 12, 2013

State cracks down on harmful invasive species 

November 3, 2013
By JOAN GRALLA at Newsday

New York State is cracking down on harmful invasive species after years of delays, adding scores to its list of banned plants, insects and animals.

Under the state plan, 115 species would be outlawed -- about 10 times the current number. Another 29 would be subject to restrictions.

The Department of Environmental Conservation quietly posted the expanded list on its website late last month, a move that was hailed as overdue by environmentalists and decried as an overreach by commercial nurseries, including some on Long Island. ...

Under the state law, anyone who imports, ships, or introduces or sells banned invasives can be fined as much as $250. For repeated violations by professionals, the top fine is $2,000 -- and they could jeopardize their licenses or permits. ...

A 60-day comment period ends Dec. 23. The rules take effect six months after they are finalized.

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